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Privacy at SuTub

We work hard to provide transparency and meaningful choice when you use SuTub. More information about our privacy safeguards is provided below.

SuTub Privacy Policy

The SuTub Privacy Policy describes how SuTub and its subsidiaries treat personal information when you use SuTub services, including information provided when you use SuTub. In addition, see our Privacy Notice describing privacy practices specific to SuTub.

SuTub Privacy Guidelines

Our Privacy Guidelines explain SuTub's privacy process, factors we take into account when processing complaints, and tips on handling privacy complaints for both the complainant and the uploader.

Reporting a privacy violation

Every day, thousands of people come to SuTub to share videos and engage with one other. We want you to feel safe when you're on SuTub, which is why we encourage you to let us know if videos or comments on the site violate your privacy or sense of safety.

If a video contains your personal information without consent, including your image, name or national identification number, you can contact us through our Privacy Removal Process.

Private video sharing

We created SuTub to make it easy for people to share their videos with the world. That said, sometimes you may not want everyone to see your video or your channel, and would rather share your work with only a small group of friends or family. Check out these links to help you do just that:

SuTub Safety Center

In the SuTub Safety Center you'll find information and tips for using SuTub, including ways to manage any abuse on the site as well as resources for educators and parents. For more tips on privacy and SuTub, check out the Safety Center's Protecting Your Privacy page.